姚宗珍 副教授



Chung-Chen Jane Yao,   Associate Professor


國立臺灣大學 牙醫學士

美國加州大學舊金山分校 口腔生物學博士

美國加州大學舊金山分校 矯正住院醫師專科訓練


BDS, National Taiwan University, 1989

Ph.D., Oral Biology, University of California San Francisco, 1997

Certificate, Postgraduate in Orthodontics at UCSF, 1999


聯絡電話: 23123456-67689
傳真號碼: 23831346
E-Mail: janeyao@ntu.edu.tw


Tissue- and cellular response to forces

A. Distraction Osteogenesis

Severe sagittal jaw discrepancy found in some patients with craniofacial anomalies has to rely on orthognathic surgery to correct this jaw size problem. Recently, distraction osteogenesis has become a choice to treat patients with severe skeletal discrepancy for better stability with larger degree of advancement. However, we know little of mechanisms of soft tissue response following distraction osteogenesis besides bone can grow in the osteotomy sites in head region. In this study, miniature pigs are used as an animal model. Our ultimate goal is to develop ways to augment soft tissues besides bone structures with mechanical stimulation from distraction osteogenesis.

B. The rate of tooth movement determines the duration of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic force on tooth induces bone resorption on the compression side and bone deposition on the tension side, thus bone remodels and then tooth moves. Therefore, bone resorption is the rate-limiting step of a lengthy orthodontic treatment.

Bone resorption is a complex process. We simulate part of the bone resorption process by cultivating osteocyte-like cells in three-dimension collagen gel under periodical compression to: 1. Optimize the regulation by changing magnitude and frequency of pressure.

2. Screen for genes similarly regulated by compression force.       To understand the mechanism of bone resorption upon compression is important for controlling bone turnover during orthodontic treatment. Speeding up the rate of tooth movement will help to decrease the cost of expensive orthodontic treatment and the incidence of caries and periodontitis among orthodontic patients.

C. The role of beta1 integrin in force response and contraction. How a cell surface molecule can transmit forces and lead to multiple downstream effects? The signaling cascades initiated at cytoplasmic regaion of integrin molecules will be analyzed through site-directed mutagenesis and evaluated by mechanical studies of cultured cells using a flexible polyacrylamide substrate

and fluorescent beads.






Main Research Interests


A. 下顎延伸式新骨再生

在齒顎矯正的領域中常會面臨許多病患除了齒列問題之外,還合併有顎間,甚至顱顏部骨性差異,其中以顱顏畸形病患最為嚴重。目前臨床上應用延伸式新骨再生(distraction osteogenesis)技術,來治療此類骨性差異大的病患,所得到的延長程度及穩定性均較佳。目前下顎骨延長術已被成功廣泛應用於治療下顎發育不良的顱顏畸形病人,成為臨床上治療方式選擇的主流,但對於下顎長期慢性牽引下周圍顏面肌肉組織的變化、生理病理機轉,卻少有人探討。




C. beta1 integrin在收縮及力量傳導的角色。細胞表面的蛋白質分子如何傳導利量的刺激而導致多方面下游的現象?由integrin細胞質之尾端隻訊息傳導鏈將由特定位置之突變而加以特殊的機械力分析。


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