​​​Attaching great importance to extra-curricular activities has remained one of National Taiwan University 's fine traditions ever since Japan 's occupation of Taiwan . After Restoration, the student bodies at NTUCM have always been active, and all forms of recreation and exchanges. Thanks to their unflagging efforts, the NTUCM students are generally well versed in the humanities and arts.

One of the beneficiaries of this rich heritage, the NTUCM has many permanent student bodies. Now, aside from department-based academic societies and graduate students' fraternities, permanent student bodies include community service organizations (including a student community service corps and a medical service team that specially serves fishermen), which offer medical service to the needy during the summer and winter vacations. NTU's Traditional Medicine Society, known for its work among villagers in mining districts, has established a comprehensive set of criteria for assessing the efficacy of acupuncture.

Artistic and recreational organizations include the Medical College 's String Ensemble and Choir; the Medical Colleg's Nature Protection Club; the Green Field Club, which promotes painting and esthetics; the Rock & Roll Romantic Music Club; the Literary Creation Society, which stresses a humanistic spirit; and the Medical School Photography Club.

Religious and character-shaping student bodies include the Medical college and College of Laws branch of Morning Glow Buddhist Society and the Medical Ethics Society. Physical exercise groups include a soccer team, a table-tennis team, a field and trak team, a “ Hop Hee Do” club, a basketball club, a tennis club, a baseball club, a badmington club, and a rugby team.

The activities organized by these student bodies help busy medical students unwind, enliven their social life, form another facet of their medical education, and give them invaluable help in their quest for the meaning of life.​