Dean's Message

National Taiwan University College of Medicine (NTUCM) is a leading medical college in Taiwan and in the Asia-Pacific region, with a hundred-year history of excellence in medicine. Taking the helm of NTUCM is a major challenge for me. The strength of NTUCM lies in its outstanding students as we recruit the best students in the country every year. However, NTUCM is not only a training institution for medical personnel; it is a center of excellence for cultivating the best medical professionals and leaders to promote the advancement of our society.

During my term as the dean, I have tried to improve the learning environment of NTUCM. In order to inculcate cultural and humanistic students, we renovated the lobby of our institution and created a cozy environment with a piano so that students can relax or make friends in the sound of music. We have also created an area on the first-floor of our main building with beautiful paintings and artifacts for our students to relax and dine. We regularly sponsor music and art performances for our students and developed a multi-media program to enhance students' appreciation of the beauty of our medical campus. Through formal and hidden curriculum, we convey to students our expectations of their morality, self-respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity. Students attend humanities courses offered by our Department of Social Medicine and participate in community services and social sciences research. Our emphasis on the importance of ethics to our students also applies to our staff. We evaluate the morality and ethical standards of our teachers as one of the promotion criteria in our faculty promotion evaluation guidelines. In terms of medical curriculum, we have pioneered a six-year plus two-year postgraduate training program, which is adopted as the model for national medical education reform.

Regarding medical research, we try to benchmark the Melbourne University in Australia and the Kyushu University in Japan. NTUCM is the leading college of medicine in Taiwan and aims to become a medical college of excellence in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to achieve this goal and to be internationally competitive, we need to combine our strengths in basic and clinical research and form multidisciplinary teams to collaborate in research.. NTUCM is strongly committed to support this collaborative approach to research. We have already formed several collaborative research groups and more collaborative researches are in the planning stage. To promote research excellence in NTUCM, we award special incentives to our faculty members who achieve excellence in research. Through the publication "Maple Express", we introduce our college's outstanding research achievements, research resources, training and educational activities to facilitate research in NTUCM. We hope that we can work together to make NTUCM an enjoyable place to work with excellent research results achieved by every member of our faculty.


Dean, National Taiwan University

College of Medicine